Anna Biernacka-Rygiel PhD

Anna Biernacka-Rygiel, Ph.D., Key Relationship Manager, Department of Development and Key Relations, Polish Confederation Lewiatan, Warsaw

Anna Biernacka-Rygiel works for the Polish Confederation Lewiatan as a Key Relationship Manager in the Department of Development and Key Relations. She also works as a lecturer at the WSB University in Wrocław. Prior to that she served as a Senior Expert in the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure, where she was responsible for bilateral cooperation with Mediterranean region. She also worked in tourism sector in Poland in the incoming tourism and abroad (mostly in Greece and Turkey) as a tour guide. Her Ph.D. Thesis was related to the tourism in the policy of the European Union.

Anna is an expert in the Center for International Initiatives, Polish independent think-tank focused on international cooperation and she serves as an expert in the Institute of Political Science, the Polish Foundation responsible for the popularization of science. She is also a former member of the Team Europe Network under DG COMM.