Gál Körmendy

Gál Körmendy is the leading cluster expert of one of the largest non-profit regional development organisations in Hungary and president of the Hungarian National Alliance of Innovative Clusters (IKOSZ).

With a background in Organisational Development and Statistics, and a certificate in journalism, he has been working in regional and economic development for 14 years, first with the West-Transdanubian Regional Development Agency, and then West-Pannon Non-Profit Ltd. His focus moved from strategic planning to innovation and knowledge transfer, both in interregional project cooperations, in clusters and in direct training activities, all the while keeping an open European perspective.

His latest and most enduring professional love of 9 years is the cause of cluster development, which lead to the foundation of IKOSZ. His key fields are international cooperation, knowledge transfer, strategic planning and evaluation, SME development and innovation.