Gian Angelo Bellati

Dr Gian Angelo Bellati is an expert in administrative law, public finance, public administration at local / national / European level, national and European legislation on state aid, relations between European and national law, procurement regulations, simplification and public administration.

He graduated from the University of Venice in 1984, reaching a diploma in economics and trade. Until 1987 he worked at the European Parliament in Brussels as assistant at the Budget, Technologies and Energy Committees.

Between 1985 and 1987 he also worked as a Consultant for EBN, European Business and Innovation Centre Network.

Until 1988 he was responsible for an “ad hoc” contract for full speed carriers for “super graduates” at foreign department in Unicredit Bank in Milan and Venice and in 1988 he moved to Alenia, Aeritalia & Selenia in Rome where he was responsible for the relations with the EEC. In 1991 he became the Head of the EIC Veneto, EEC office run by the Foreign Centre of the Veneto Chambers of Commerce concerning information and implementation of Community policies in the Veneto region.

In 2000 he became director and General Secretary of the Regional Union of Chamber of Commerce of Veneto and of EEN (European Enterprise Network of DG Enterprise-European Commission) for North East of Italy.

Currently, he is President of the Dolomiti Longarone Fair and is in the board of Italian Veneto Managers (Manageritalia) and of the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce of Munich He also works as a delegate of “EABO” (European American Business Organization), based in New York, for the north east of Italy.