Izabela Żmudka

Izabela Żmudka

Deputy Director of the National Centre for Research and Development

Izabela Żmudka is a manager with extensive experience in management in the government, local government and the business sectors as well as NGOs.

Recently at the Ministry of Economic Development she has performed direct supervision over several state institutions and several dozen research institutions, companies and foundations. She has also contributed to the work of the innovations team and in the preparation of objectives for the reform of research institutes.

In the business sector, she has been responsible for the organisational restructuring and optimisation of business process, implementation of ERP systems and introduction of corporate order.

In state institutions, she has actively participated in creating the economic strategy with the use of new technologies. At the Central Bank, she managed a generally accessible economics education portal with e-learning courses and resources on economics.

In the local government and NGO sectors she has dealt with creating institutions from the ground up, with operational management, programme project implementation and supervision over public tender procedures.

Izabela Żmudka has a long-standing experience in the creating management of multi-member teams.

She is an MBA from SGH Warsaw School of Economics.