Ludger Schuknecht

Mr. Ludger Schuknecht took up his duties as Deputy Secretary-General in September 2018. He employs his extensive experience in international economic policy and decision-making to promote the OECD’s efforts on sustainable development, growth, and “better policies for better lives”. He is responsible for the strategic oversight of the OECD’s work on Statistics and Data, Tax Policy and Administration, for the OECD’s work on Education and Skills as well as the OECD engagement with the G20 Compact with Africa initiative.

Previously, Mr. Schuknecht worked at the German Federal Ministry of Finance as Chief Economist and as the German G20 Finance Deputy. In this position, he was responsible for coordinating the finance track during the German G20 Presidency and played a key role in launching the G20 work on digital taxation and the G20 Compact with Africa. His career in international organisations also includes the European Central Bank, the World Trade Organisation and the International Monetary Fund.