Roberto Ciambetti

Roberto CIAMBETTI is the President of the Regional Council of the Veneto Region since 2015.
The Council is the organ of the democratic representation of the Region. It exercises legislative powers. He is from the municipality of Sandrigo (Vicenza) where he started his political career in 1995 as deputy Mayor and Councilor. He then was elected Provincial councilor in Vicenza. Since 2000 he has been the provincial commissioner in charge of road conditions. Elected Regional Councilor in 2005, he dealt in particular with urban issues, environmental protection and Venetian traditions and culture. He was the councilor who has seen the largest number of approved bills with him as first signatory.

He is an expert in Venetian traditions, history and culture. In his legislative capacity he has been the author of regional laws on the Venetian Quality mark, on food intolerances, pediatric unblocking and lifesaving maneuvers, as well as on environmental issues, such as protection of water resources and fight against light pollution. He has been also the drafter of the law for the implementation in Veneto of Circular Economy. For his environmental commitment he has had the satisfaction to see the International Astronomical Union (IAU) at Harvard University giving his name to the asteroid 24087, that had been discovered in 1999. Between 2010 and 2015 he was a regional Minister in the Government led by Luca Zaia and he was delegated to the Budget of Veneto, European Funds, local Bodies and Relationships with Banks. Since June 2015 he has been President of the regional Council of Veneto and vice President ELISAN, European Local Inclusion and Social Action network.