Vera Codazzi

Vera Codazzi
Lombardy life sciences Cluster
Cluster manager

She is graduated in Biotechnology, with a PhD in Industrial Biotechnology at the University of Milano-Bicocca.
During the PhD she worked for 3 years on microbial metabolic engineering; her work “Breaking phylogenetic
barriers for fine and bulk chemicals products in engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae” focused on the production of
some nutraceutical products in yeast and on the exploitation of plant genes to foster yeast resistance to different
types of stress linked to fermentation processes.

Vera joined Assobiomedica Research Department in 2011, when she started working in the group of PRI (annual
report of Assobiomedica on Production, Research and Innovation in the medical device sector).

From 2013 to 2018 she was the reference person on INNOVATION within Assobiomedica, dealing with startups,
technological innovations, clusters and specialization networks, Horizon 2020 and R&I grants at European, national
and regional level. She has been using her scientific background to foster the innovation process within the medical
device sector, facilitating collaboration between university and industries, making startups more and more known
and promoting industry inclination towards R&I. After deepening her knowledge in European project management,
she followed some Horizon 2020 proposals.

From March 2018 she is cluster manager at Lombardy Life Science Cluster which represents all regional actors
working in the sector – companies, research institutions, university, hospitals, associations and public bodies.
The Cluster organization supports its members in developing business or initiative, at national and international
level or facilitating to start-up R&D and TT projects, or even organizing promotional and networking activities. It is
the gateway to all regional opportunities in the life science sector. Lombardy Region refers to the cluster to debate
and define local policies. The Cluster develops specific activities/projects in support/connected to these policies.